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Stains may be a result of food or drink spilling, pet urine, light damage (fading) or water damage (color run). Depending on the type of stain, very small amounts of various products are applied to the affected area to test their effectiveness. Once the right product is identified, it is then applied to the rest of the stained area to achieve the same result.with 50 years experience in we do professional carpet washing and repairing in dubai we also provide carpet color repairing.persian carpet cleaning dubai.carpet faded color repairing.carpet and rugs stain removing.carpet stretching to make ur carpets straight .carpet smell removing as well .iranian carpet cleaning dubai.oriental carpet washing dubai. with 50 years experience internationally.we also have fully automated carpet washing whih removes any stains .

In case the stained area on your rug, or carpet is not completely restored through the process of Spot Removal, the stain can go through Re-Dyeing as the next step of the rug cleaning process. spot cleaning, Re-Dyeing, and Re-Weaving are the next steps.

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Persian carpet cleaning
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Rug Repair & Re-Dyeing

Rug or Carpets that have faded from sun light or chemical exposure may be restored back to their original color through the expert color restoration services of Al Madaen Rug Cleaning.

Assuming the stained area was not completely restored through Spot Removal, the stain can go through Re-Dyeing as the next step of the Stain Removal process. Re-Dyeing is the process of manually re-painting each knot with the proper dye in order to restore it to its original colour.


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