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Carpet water damages repair

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You may require carpet color restoration if your old carpets are starting to show signs of discoloration. Do you notice any blemishes or stains on your expensive Persian rugs? Is it possible for some spot to be more easily noticeable compared to others?

Carpet color repair and restoration

You have to be careful because in time, over repetitive washing cycles, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight through tall windows, and toxic chemicals, or per waste reaching your floors, the colors and patterns in your precious carpets are prone to fade.
Carpet and rug color restoration is a specialized process that enables carpet technicians to make old carpets look brand new – and save you precious money and energy.

Why Have The Colors In My Carpet Started To Fade?
In some cases, an excessively dyed and colorful carpet may show signs of bleeding colors during its first wash cycle. Other times, it will take a long exposure to chemicals in carpet detergents, pet urine, improper washing procedures, wine, and UV rays to trigger colors to fade.

carpet color repair

Cofabric’s defines a carpet fabric’s capacity to withhold dye migration – or color fading/bleeding. Freshly bought carpets and area rugs that washed for the very first time could lose their vivid colors, or the damage could get noticed after several piles of washing. If you are not sure if your carpers are colorfast, or you would like to know the exact causes of the fading colors in your carpets, You should get in touch with a professional carpet cleaning service. in al madaen carpet dubai specializes in all types of carpet cleaning and restoration procedures. Our technicians have undergone intensive training in the field, and they can handle all the intricacies, unique color dying. Weaving methods provide you with top-notch tips and practical advice.

Fugitive dyes

We can rapidly identify all types of fugitive dyes that have faded when exposed to UV rays from the sun. Since most carpets are located in areas with a lot of natural light, lots of homeowners are confronted with this colorfast issue. When carpets get covered in water by accident, during home floods, or because of failed washing procedures, the fugitive dyes in them are also prone to bleed.

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Kilim Rug Washing

Carpet color repair

When carpets have repaired with too much dye, the extra amount of color in the fibers will bleed during washing. Our carpet and rug restoration specialists will use a dye stabilizer to stop the stain from migrating. Thus, one more reason why you should rely on professional carpet cleaners to have your rugs cleaned hassle-free and prevent any unfortunate events.

Antique carpets

Inked And Antique Dyes
An excessively dyed carpet will also bleed upon contact with water. Rugs that were dyed after the weaving process ended are likely to cause more problems to owners. If you have a gorgeous tea washed rug covering your living room floor, probably enjoy admiring the antique look. The infused brown dyes create a spectacular design that is hard to top. The same goes for rugs that have been with the help of special India ink to hide areas that ave been affected by colors fading.

Oriental rugs

If you own a unique Oriental rug with mostly red designs, and you keep it in a room where there is a lot of natural light coming in through your floor-to-ceiling windows, you are likely to confront with more severe color bleeding problems. The microscopic molecules found in red dye are more severely affected by sunlight. You should have an expert carpet cleaning company handle the cleaning and maintenance for your red Oriental carpets. Get in touch with us for any cleaning or color restoration job, we have 50 years experience and we will make your carpets as good as the day you’ve bought them.

Red dyes

Red dyes are susceptible to bleeding and fading when exposed to sunlight for extended periods. Persian rugs are particularly vulnerable due to the overwhelming presence of reddish colors.

When subjected to the chemical components in most carpet detergents, blue dyes will also become less stable and start to fade. Dyes that contain blue as part of a mix of colors (green as a mix of blue and yellow, or purple as a mix of red and blue) may also bleed more than other dyes during high-temperature washing processes.

Expert help

Let Our Carpet Color Restoration Experts Help!
If you are having trouble figuring out what are the safest and most suitable carpet detergents that will thoroughly clean your rugs and prevent them from fading, give us a call. Let us come over and assess all of your carpets and rugs, perform dye tests, and use dye lock solutions to make your carpets colorfast.

Get in touch with al-madaen carpet cleaning dubai and let us use our advanced tools and color restoration methods to re-dye original colors and restore vibrant designs and patterns to their initial condition. We can handle anything from modern-day carpets to Oriental area rugs, wool and nylon carpets, and more.

Dye master

Our certified carpet color dye masters can successfully blend all colors and save you a lot of money on buying new carpets. Call today!
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Cleaning Service
Process of washing
1. Removing Dust : using a vibrating brush from the back of the rug. we dislodge all the grit and dirt from the foundations of rug.
2. Vacuuming.
3. Remove Stains.
4. Remove urine odours – Odour Removal.
5. Disinfecting
6. Dry Cleaning or fully washing (Rug will be washed with clean running water, specialist rug cleaning shampoos and soft brushes only).
7. Color fastness (Using natural additives to stop colours from running and maintaining, restoring the sheen and the softness of your rug).
8. Headband cleaning (Remove all remaining dirt from the fringes of rugs).
9. Drying
10. Pile Grooming
11. Vacuuming

Types of carpet maintenance

Selvage Damaged
Worn fringe
Corners Curled
Moth damage
Colour Faded
Flood Damage
Pet Urine
Chemical Stains
Fringe Repairing
Corners Curved
Shrink Repairing
Side repair
Tear & wear (pet damages)
Spotting chemicals

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