Carpet deep cleaning & full wash

with our deep cleaning method we remove all dirts and germs and stains and smell from ur carpets or rugs
we wash the carpet fully front to back with water and special shampoo and soap to get the best result
with 50 years experience our persian team of experts are at your service to do their magic on your carpets
we wash all kinds of carpets and rugs
in their on special way
carpet can keep lots of bacteria in their piles of wool so you need to fully wash and deep clean them from time to time
not all carpets can be deep cleaned or fully washed
thats why our persian team of carpet makers will check ur carpets before they choose what kind of cleaning method is good for ur carpets or rugs
As a result — dirty carpets affects your health.

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Removing dirt dust bacteria with 50 years experience

al-madaen Carpets cleaning provides professional carpet cleaning services. We are dealing effectively with any dirt and all types of carpets: synthetic and woolen, silk, Iranian, hand-made etc. Our team of experts is using best detergents on the market and high quality equipment, which allows:

1. To clean dirt and dust deep inside of a carpet
2. To kill bacteria`s pollution, which arises due to daily usage
3. To remove effectively different sorts of stains, such as: food and beverage, animal spots and traces, stains of personal attempts, soap and water stains, etc.
al-madaen carpet is a
Professional Carpet Cleaning company
with 50 Years Service and experience
we clean and wash and repair all types of carpets and rugs

Specialist cleaning of all types of Natural; Wool – Silk – Cotton / Persian and Oriental Carpets & Rugs:
Afghani – Iranian –Turkish – Pakistani – Chinese – Indian – Moroccan- Russian …
And all machine made carpets

Cleaning Service
Process of washing
1. Removing Dust : using a vibrating brush from the back of the rug. we dislodge all the grit and dirt from the foundations of rug.
2. Vacuuming.
3. Remove Stains.
4. Remove urine odours – Odour Removal.
5. Disinfecting
6. Dry Cleaning or fully washing (Rug will be washed with clean running water, specialist rug cleaning shampoos and soft brushes only).
7. Color fastness (Using natural additives to stop colours from running and maintaining, restoring the sheen and the softness of your rug).
8. Headband cleaning (Remove all remaining dirt from the fringes of rugs).
9. Drying
10. Pile Grooming
11. Vacuuming

Types of carpet maintenance we do from A to Z

For handmade persian oriental iranian carpet cleaning you visit the link below

Selvage Damaged
Worn fringe
Corners Curled
Moth damage
Colour Faded
Flood Damage
Pet Urine
Chemical Stains
Fringe Repairing
Corners Curved
Shrink Repairing
Side repair
Tear & wear (pet damages)
Spotting chemicals

and finally

let professionals take care of your carpets

we are the safest hands to take care of your carpets

we have 50 years experience

Call us for free advice or a quotation to restore your woven treasure to its former glory.





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