Our handmade carpets and rugs come from persian/Iran/, Turkey, Morocco, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, etc.we have more than 2000 carpets with cheapest prices in dubai,and the reason is that we are carpet makers and we sell to other carpet shops all around the world so we will give you the cheapest prices. You may also exchange your carpets up to 6 months after purchase, we shall be happy to assist you:

Visit our showroom to see our collection of these Handmade Carpets and Rugs- Also find silk,wool carpets,vintage rugs,patchwork carpets,modern silk carpets,also we sell all types of persian carpets like naeen,qum,tabriz,isfeahan,kashan,shiraz,kashqai,tribal carpets,village carpets, camel bags, Chairs Puff Cushions, Antiques carpets with Special discount in Dubai


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