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 we give you highest quality of handmade carpet washing with lowest price rates in uae

The only professional persian company in dubai with 50 years experience .

In Carpet Cleaning , Carpet Washing , Carpet Repairing , Persian carpet, Iranian carpet, Handmade carpet, Oriental carpet, Silk carpet Or Wool Carpets At Your Service In Dubai And Abu Dhabi .

Why you should give your carpet to us :

Firstly Its simple, we are persian , we are carpet makers , we have been washing ,repairing, weaving, restoring  carpets for more than 50 years .

We are simply the magicians of handmade carpet cleaning and repairing .

Most importantly above all we never give up on your carpets,  even if your carpets have been in a major water flood and the colors got bleeded and mixed up , or eaten by moths , or they have worst stains which no one could remove , we are here to help you .

why you should not give your Handmade carpets to laundry or companies which do maid services or sofa cleaning or these kinds of works :

Secondly , handmade carpets they need special knowledge which are mostly , the knowledge of carpet Weaver , so think twice ! and ask your self , is a maid company which mops floors or wash dishes  ! can clean or wash a handmade carpet without making the colors bleed or shrink the uniform size of the carpet,  The answer is NO . NEVER .

They will either damage your carpets  if they wash them self , or they will take your carpets and just vacum it and stay on the safe side which really dont do justice to your carpet , then they will bring it back to you , and if they were any stains they would be saying sorry , we could not remove them , which makes you pay the actual price of carpet washing money without getting your carpet washed at all .

or some of these companies are smarter 

and take the carpets and give them to other companies to wash and takes alot of profit from you , so its better to  give your persian carpet straight and directly to professional persian company your self  and avoid those problems .

Why you should not give your Handmade carpets to companies which do automatic carpet cleaning or using machines to wash

Thirdly  Handmade carpet cannot be washed by machine, please remember that, they will get damaged ,either the treads will get loosen. or the natural colors will bleed or they will get shrunken, so keep that in mind ,which will make your carpets damaged and you will be  ending up to pay for repairing , instead of just do the correct thing and give your carpets to professional persian company at the first place , and just pay for cleaning …

We Are Specialist In Cleaning-Washing-Repairing Of All Types Carpets & Rugs Including Of Natural – Wool – Silk – Cotton / Persian, Oriental, Iranian Handmade, Viscos, Bamboo & Banana Silk, Jut Rugs, Sisal Rugs, Hand Tufted, berber ,Moroccan Beni Ourain carpet ,Modern European Tapestries & Carpets & Rugs:

You can also watch our before and after works

We wash and repair all kinds of carpets

Persian – Afghani – Iranian –Turkish – Pakistani – Chinese – Indian – Moroccan- Russian , Carpets And Rugs Or Kilim . New Or Antique

And All Types Of Machine Made Carpets

Cleaning Service

Process of washing

  1. Removing Dust : using a vibrating brush from the back of the rug. we dislodge all the grit and dirt from the foundations of rug.
  2. Vacuuming.
  3. Remove Stains.
  4. Remove urine odors – Odor Removal.
  5. Disinfecting
  6. Dry Cleaning or fully washing (Rug will be washed with clean running water, specialist rug cleaning shampoos and soft brushes only).
  7. Color fastness (Using natural additives to stop colors from running and maintaining, restoring the sheen and the softness of your rug).
  8. Headband cleaning (Remove all remaining dirt from the fringes of rugs).
  9. Drying
  10. Pile Grooming
  11. Vacuuming

Stain removing

check our stain removing page for tips

Types of carpet maintenance

  • Selvage Damaged
  • Worn fringe
  • Corners Curled
  • Moth damage
  • Color Faded
  • Flood Damage
  • Pet Urine
  • Chemical Stains
  • Fringe Repairing
  • Corners Curved
  • Shrink Repairing
  • Side repair
  • Tear & wear (pet damages)
  • Spotting chemicals
  • Re-weaving
  • Stretching
  • persian carpet cleaning dubai

Take carpet moths seriously :

Persian/Handmade carpet are considered same as art , they are woven by hand and the amount of time and afford which have been put in these creation are unbelievable, the wool comes from sheep and goats most of the time , thats why you need to wash your carpets always from time to time , despite if there is any stains or not, There are many articles and links you can read about carpet moths similar to these

But if you need professional moths repairing and removing call us

0504759394 or 0506443881


Finally and most importantly above all if you had any problems with your handmade carpets or rugs , dont do it your self ,for example if you drop any liquid on your carpet do not watch a video or listen to some one and try to remove the stain and resolve the issue your self , Because every handmade carpet need their own stain removing process and their own cleaning process, every carpet is made from different material, if you try to do it your self , you might be making the spot more damage and as in result you will end up paying more money for restoration , however if you drop any liquid the only thing you can do to help is that put a white towel on it without rubbing.

Call us for free advice or a quotation to restore your woven treasure to its former glory.




We Are The Largest And Most Experienced Carpet And Rugs Cleaning Company In United Arab Emirates, Dubai And Abu Dhabi .

With 50 Years Experience , With use Of Our Experience, Knowledge And Advanced Techniques Applied To Our Customer’s Goods, We Have Been Able To Provide Our Client’s With Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction And We Are Proud To Have Received 5 Star On Google Reviews By Our Clients.

  • Persian carpet cleaning & Repairing
  • Oriental carpet cleaning & Restoration
  • Iranian carpet cleaning & Color restoration
  • Moroccan carpet cleaning
  • Silk carpet special cleaning
  • Antique carpet cleaning and repair
  • Carpet water damages restoration and repairing

We Wash , Clean , And Repair All Kinds Of Carpets And Rugs Professionally

We Serve And Pickup Carpets From Dubai marina, Palm jumeira, Arabian ranches, Emirates hills, Jumeira beach road, The lakes, Meadows, City walk, Spring, And many more locations in Dubai And Abu Dhabi

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